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Florian Weiler Photography | Portrait » Portrait Photography

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Laughing is definetly one of Jil’s favorite things to do. And so it have been some very pleasant hours we spent together last Sunday in the nearby hills.
After I picked her up from the neighboring city, we’ve beed heading east until we reached a nice and remote place. Here we enjoyed the gorgeous weather, a big juicy watermelon, cool drinks from the fridge and a great time while taking the one or the other picture.
The day before I repaired the van’s steering mechanism and exchanged some major parts of it. So I was slightly concerned that we don’t get far. But everything went smoothly and so over all it was just a perfect day.
All images were taken with a Leica SL together with a Summilux-M 1:1.4/35, a Noctilux-M 1:0.95/50 and 1:1.25/75.

  • Andreas Schneider2. August 2018 - 20:17

    Lovely Jill!
    I like espacially the photos up from number 43 in her blue flowery dress.
    Very beautiful old-fashioned romantic outfit!
    I enjoy it!ReplyCancel

Last November I made one of my long lasting dreams come true and purchased a VW T2 Westfalia Camper Van from 1976. Because my new little friend spent 40 years of his live in sunny California, the body was in a quite good condition with little rust, but the interior was pretty shabby. It took me half a year to exchange the floor, refurbish the furniture, get new curtains, exchange the seat covers, built a new table, lay 40m of new cable, replace the insulation, install a second battery, a charger, a fridge, … and finish all the thousands of little repairs which needed to be done in my view.
Just a few days after I finished the interior, Sonya, one of my favorite models, visited me and we took a short joyride. I was quite happy that we got such a great weather. The first time she was at my place we had a rainy day and stayed in my studio. This time we fully enjoyed a warm and sunny day on the road and in the countryside.
Sonya is a quite petite, but none fragile girl with full of enthusiasm and passion for her work. I adore her open-hearted, lively and curious nature as well as her introverted moments which gave some of my pictures the peace and silence I love so much.
All images were taken with a Leica SL together with a Noctilux-M 1:0.95/50 and 1:1.25/75.


  • Marc Breuer25. Juli 2018 - 0:09

    Sehr geil! Sowohl das Auto als auch das Model und die Bilder.ReplyCancel

  • Frank Decker25. Juli 2018 - 23:50

    Cooler bus und starke SerieReplyCancel

  • Annette Pillmann26. Juli 2018 - 8:10

    Wow.. tolle Bildstrecke.ReplyCancel

  • Steve26. Juli 2018 - 22:05

    Beautiful series Florian! Love the color grading, the moods and your two models are just awesome!ReplyCancel

  • bocquet26. Juli 2018 - 22:55

    je veux voir vos photos, je vous suis sur facebook depuis plus d un anReplyCancel

It was one of these typical German days, cold, windy and wet, when Sonya and I met at my place. So we decided to stay inside and do some shots together in my little studio. And I really don’t regret this decision. I absolutely love our results. 🙂
Besides a cheerful, funny and highly motivated model, I had a bed, two lights, some fog and a Leica SL together with a Noctilux-M 1:0.95/50 available for this shooting.
Hope you enjoy this picture series as much as I do.


  • Malcolm Brown30. Oktober 2017 - 19:31

    Brilliant very tasteful love your workReplyCancel

  • Gwenael Moreno30. Oktober 2017 - 20:31

    Superbe série!!ReplyCancel

  • Ricardo Montp30. Oktober 2017 - 20:52

    Très belle série, bravo !!!ReplyCancel

  • Stewart Atkins30. Oktober 2017 - 20:53

    A wonderful set with beautiful Sonya who I also recently had the pleasure of working with. I’ve previously with another model worked with these kind of shadow effects and I think you created some exceptional images. Congratulations to you both.ReplyCancel

  • dr amar31. Oktober 2017 - 3:38

    Excellent art..sirReplyCancel

  • Bertrand31. Oktober 2017 - 13:24

    Bien belle joli coeurReplyCancel

  • Marc Levallois31. Oktober 2017 - 17:17

    Très belle série, Sonia est superbe…ReplyCancel

  • Olli Kops31. Oktober 2017 - 19:15

    Du bist und bleibst ein Poet der Bilder für mich – unglaublich gut.ReplyCancel

  • Ricardo alberto3. November 2017 - 9:19

    Espectacular brillante capaz de crear diferentes mensajes en un mismo espacioReplyCancel

  • Gereon Zwosta7. November 2017 - 10:34

    Ganz tolle Serie! Bring doch ein Buch raus, genug Material ist offensichtlich vorhanden 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Heiko Decker7. November 2017 - 19:41

    Wow! Was für eine tolle Serie und was für eine Lichtsetzung. Der Hammer!ReplyCancel

  • Mauro Mazzetto8. November 2017 - 20:41

    Die Bilder haben bei mir spontan eine Gänsehaut erzeugt.
    Sooooooo schön……ReplyCancel

  • gardezi11. November 2017 - 13:05

    What lights you have used? Were they some continuous or triggered ones?ReplyCancel

  • Florian Weiler12. November 2017 - 12:02

    I used to tungsten lights. One spot and one softbox.ReplyCancel

  • Ahmed Suhal4. Dezember 2017 - 13:27

    Fantastic conceptual collection, greatly done with lovely cooperation of model.ReplyCancel

  • Pravin Aswale15. Dezember 2017 - 2:30

    Beautiful work!ReplyCancel

  • Mustafa Yıldırm28. Dezember 2017 - 10:54

    Stunnning seductiveReplyCancel

The shooting with Evelina was actually much more talking than picture taking 🙂 We met at my place on a Monday afternoon, had some coffee and tea, and a long and very enjoyable chat about almost everything under the sun.
Long after dusk, we finally decided to take some shots. We set up two tungsten lights and played around with different perspective, mirrors, jalousies and backlights. It was a fun evening. Evelina is a really nice model, easy going and with a lot of enthusiasm.
All shots were taken either with a Leica SL + Leica M 0.95/50 or a Sony alpha 7 II + Canon 1.2/85



  • Marc G.25. Juni 2017 - 23:30

    Wow! Gourgous!! This is what I would call talented photography. Really amazing!!!ReplyCancel

  • Christophe Feron29. Juni 2017 - 21:10

    Magnifique photo et modèle sublimeReplyCancel

  • Isabelle30. Juni 2017 - 21:07

    Mal wieder eine ganz wundervolle Serie. Kompliment an euch beide!ReplyCancel

  • René2. Juli 2017 - 18:19

    I admire your work. It’s always a big pleasure to see one of your new posts. Greetings, RenéReplyCancel

I know Kate’s gorgeous work for quite a while. And so I was very happy that we could arrange a shooting during her last journey through Germany a few weeks ago. We met in Frankfurt, grapped some flowers and food and drove to a beautiful location nearby where we spent most of the day eating, talking and of cause shooting from time to time. It was a lovely and quite interesting day. Kate told me a lot about her previous life in Belarus, her former work as a tour guide, her recent relocation to Warsaw, her adventure trip as a model through Europe, the differences between eastern and western photographer, her dreams and plans for the future, when modeling is no longer an option and much, much more. I was faszinated by her vitality and peeply impressed by the wealth of experience she already carried with her and which will surly grow daily at a superior rate.
Hope you enjoy our results 🙂









  • Ricardo Montp29. April 2017 - 19:54

    Très, très jolie série, bravo !!!ReplyCancel

  • Marlene Hoffmann29. April 2017 - 20:59

    Was für eine wundervolle Serie, genau nach meinem Geschmack!ReplyCancel

  • Stuart Kortekaas29. April 2017 - 22:56

    Beautifully done, lovely work!ReplyCancel

  • Insa Sobczak30. April 2017 - 13:55

    Huuuu… ganz großes Kino 🙂 Und eine wunderbare Kate 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Alexander Glockner30. April 2017 - 17:57

    Habe mir gerade die Aufnahmen auf Deinem Blog angesehen. Kann dazu nur sagen „klasse Arbeit von Euch beiden“ – find ich richtig stark. Auch die Bearbeitung ist große klasse – nicht zu viel, nicht zu wenig, perfekt! Die Location ist natürlich auch der Oberhammer 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Chema Spain30. April 2017 - 18:55

    Magnifico!!!! Elegancia pura!!!ReplyCancel

  • Grit Langer30. April 2017 - 18:56

    Du hast so einen genialen Blick für Bilder, ein TraumReplyCancel

  • Hanspeter Luff1. Mai 2017 - 11:58

    Ganz starke Aufnahmen… die treffen genau meinen Nerv. Wow…
    Ich bin ja eig. nich so der Akt-Fan… (ich finde akt oft einfach langweilig, ich mags eig. lieber wenn man mehr erahnen kann) aber die hier haben Story und Charakter… Ganz großes Lob. Richtig tolles Zeug…ReplyCancel

  • Richard Markel1. Mai 2017 - 13:58

    Very nice series of photos. Pretty lady..ReplyCancel

  • Jeff Cruz1. Mai 2017 - 21:31

    Amazing. There is justice to each shot. Hats off!ReplyCancel

  • Michael Zucker1. Mai 2017 - 23:29

    Amazing shots, fantastic model and gorgeous location. I think my favorite is the b+w window reflection of the inside and the outside. Technically impressive.ReplyCancel

  • Chris Uglanica2. Mai 2017 - 4:12

    A lovely gallery of images. You captured her beautifully.ReplyCancel

  • Christine Wiechmann3. Mai 2017 - 21:45

    Ein Shooting, das mich von vorne bis hinten restlos begeistert! Und die Location 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Tuan Tran4. Mai 2017 - 4:17

    A very fantastic album. In a day, you can take many amazing pictures. Thank for share.ReplyCancel

  • Carlos5. Mai 2017 - 17:51

    A fantastic series full of emotion. The whole scenery looks like caressed by the light.ReplyCancel

  • Marius Lapugean6. Juni 2017 - 22:14

    Amazing. Perfect!ReplyCancel

  • Jayaraman6. Juni 2017 - 22:15

    Loved the work.. which is this location ?? It’s awesome!ReplyCancel

  • shadeeg7. Juni 2017 - 6:16


  • jacob7. Juni 2017 - 13:52

    j aimeReplyCancel

  • Edson Guedes22. Juni 2017 - 1:39

    Ensaio maravilhoso serie fantastica sucesso by Brazil !!ReplyCancel

  • Pavel22. Juni 2017 - 8:00

    Amazing, great work … congratulationsReplyCancel

  • eM22. Juni 2017 - 10:10

    wonderful imagesReplyCancel

  • Hubay József31. Juli 2017 - 20:15

    Not my type as woman, but she is a beautiful and unbelievable talented model. Is it on you or on her, or both of you – this is maybe the most sensible solo serie I ve ever seen. Congratulations on you and her!!!ReplyCancel

  • Chlo Mazurier31. Juli 2017 - 20:35

    The pictured are all amazing! Congratulations for this wonderful work!ReplyCancel

  • KENNETH MASON2. September 2017 - 2:32


  • Bernd Milde28. November 2017 - 21:54

    Sensationell schöne Aufnahmen! Hier passt einfach alles.ReplyCancel

  • David C29. November 2017 - 6:44

    Biutifull bellizima e increible fantasticas fotosReplyCancel

  • Frank H.22. Dezember 2018 - 21:43

    Ein wunderschöne Frau wunderbar fotografiert. Und das zum Quadrat.ReplyCancel

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